2018 Sniper Events

For those who are interested, I’ll be organising some sniper weekenders in the first half of 2018 which will include a look at camouflage techniques specifically for airsoft, developing kit, tuning rifles, some games to practice your skills against other snipers and an overnight camp, before rolling into a full Sunday skirmish to put it all into practice. If you have a bolt action rifle, and are anywhere in the north of England, drop me a line on here, Facebook or instagram and I’ll get you involved. Cost wise, I’m not charging, just site fees. This isn’t a business venture and I’m not making a penny out of it, it’s to try and bring snipers together.  If you’re new, hopefully you’ll learn a lot more about the role and if you’re an experienced sniper, maybe you’d like to come along and share your experience? Snipers can only get better by learning from each other and helping each other to further their skills, and that’s something I’ll continue to work towards. The sniper community in this part of the world either doesn’t exist, or doesn’t connect. Hopefully we can change that. If anyone wants to join from further afield, it’ll be a full weekend so you’re not travelling just for a couple of hours of play.


Outside of these events, I’ll still be making a nuisance of myself at skirmishes across the country, looking at what works and what doesn’t, meeting other snipers and sharing ideas, and hopefully expanding across some new media in the process (see new stipsniper logo above)…


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