There’s a lot of fanfare at the moment over the new Silverback Mk23 Suppressor, and rightly so, but I’ve been back to Peter Csaki for a more wallet-friendly solution to my sidearm and again it doesn’t disappoint.

Firstly, Silverback are producing some extremely high quality guns and parts at the moment at a more premium price point of around £30, although to the serious(ly) minded player who wants gucci kit, that’s probably not bad. I’m not knocking their product here, just offering an alternative.

As mentioned in a previous article, my ASG mk23 has had a lot of issues with the supplied silencer due to it running an extended inner barrel through, which affects fps (increase) and also seems to drastically reduce accuracy and, despite the power increase, range (life lesson guys – fps doesn’t equal range). Although it’s not a loud gun to begin with, I still would rather have a suppressor than not. I’ve done a few custom suppressors for rifles in the past and figured I could do something effective by getting a cheap hollow silencer for around £10 and filling the inside with foam and baffles to help trap the noise.

However, a friend had ordered a 3D printed one to test out from and he was really impressed. So I decided to get in touch…


And here it is. Not a massive, tubular appendage for the pistol. Its a small(ish) , neat extension instead.


Although, as a sniper, it’s never about looks because it’ll soon be covered in paint, moss and leaves. The shortened length however does make it easier to draw and thats something even the high quality Silverback suppressor can’t do. Although sparse on unnecessary external detail, it does continue the rail from the underside so you can still attach things. Not that you should of course. Lights and lasers do nothing except give away your position. It may be possible to fit a camera though…



Internally is where it gets really clever, although as a one piece unit I can’t show a great deal. You may be able to make out the two densities of foam inside, and it’s separated by conical plastic baffles that are shaped to deflect noise back into the foam. Make no mistake, this is an extremely well thought out design and very well put together.

Does it work? Absolutely. In fact, my friend was fortunate enough to test his against a Silverback at a recent Sniper Ops event and noticed it was quieter. Result. I’ve tried it myself for two game days and already wishing I had one for my vsr too.

Ahhh, media hype eh? Grab one of these for half the price at :

Cheers Peter. Vsr version yeah?


  1. Gary Fox says:

    I was at this very game and I was extremely impressed to say the least.

    And I concour it is indeed quieter than the aforementioned Gucci supressor, which is an amazing piece of kit as it is!

    This is definitely on my list of needs!


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