Tuesday Thinkings #4 – Phantomleaf

Not much on the horizon this week as I’m still waist deep in aeg repairs, but there is a look at some new camo you need to have a look at. Phantomleaf has arrived and it’s looking pretty damn good. Lots more pics than usual this week!

So, after having a look at concamo previously, which I wasn’t overly sold on, something new has arrived. Out of the blue, I got added to a page on Facebook called Phantomleaf, which I’ll admit was a new one to me, and they’re launching a new family of patterns in the next few months. A good sniper should always take an interest in anything camouflage related, so I had a look. It’s not like anything I’ve come across before and it was really interesting in the preview pictures. So far their first pattern is a green woodland type pattern and to be honest, it looks rather good even heading into autumn. Looking through various pictures from winter woodlands at local sites, it’s surprising sometimes just how much green persists even when we think it’s safe to use a brown leaf suit. Although there’s a lot of green in the first Phantomleaf pattern so it is still generally going to be a spring/summer option. It will soon be released in a brown variant which I’m pretty excited about, and a grey urban one, but in the world of sniping that’s of a bit less interest.

Here’s a few pictures from their page to give you an idea.






Now, seeing things on a page is one thing, but getting your hands on some to try out is much better. Thankfully, Sniperworks has acquired a set of Phantomleaf for Jordan to do some testing up north in the next few weeks and see how it performs. We wanted to see it unedited, without filters or potentially any photoshopping. So here you go…


First impressions, the bdu’s are extremely good quality and absolutely loaded with features, such as built in gaiters, thigh adjustment loops, big built in kneepads (first thing I look for in a pair of pants – not those horrible noisy plastic things) and mesh ventilation under the arms. It has pretty much everything you could want in a set of bdu’s. It’s by Leo Kohler, who do some pretty top end kit so it’s no surprise, but still very impressive even before you get outside. Interesting to note the knee areas are a different colour – not that it’s a problem, it does help break up the leg shape a bit. 


(not Jordan BTW. This is his girlfriend who kindly agreed to be more photogenic for some test pics. No, not the dog…) 



(dead centre, to the right of the tree) 

Once outside, you can see just how effective this stuff is. The greens are a very good match and broken up well with light/dark contrast. It’s a lot better I think than concamo and atacs, which really blends together at distance because there just isn’t enough contrast to break up the overall shape (sorry atacs fans). The digitalised pattern looks a lot more organic than Pencott, and has better colours. It is really really good.

Phantomleaf is one of those camouflage patterns that just seems to work wherever you put it down. That’s a huge advantage to anyone wearing camouflage. Especially us snipers.

I was going to build some new suits using Flecktarn as a base but even just the Phantomleaf on its own would do an incredibly good job. At Sniperworks we’ll be having a really good look at possibly doing a few projects based on Phantomleaf to see what it can really do for airsoft snipers and we’ll show you how to develop it further.

I want to finish off with a few pics from Brad Naus, who has been testing in a completely different environment over in Norway, and it’s working well for him too. He’s been kind enough to share his test pics too so we’ve had a massive amount of good material to sit and look through. Note the pencott face mask by comparison.

Look at it.

It’s nowhere near as good.






2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thinkings #4 – Phantomleaf

  1. Skara says:

    Looks good, a mix of A-Tacs pattern and Kryptek shapes.

    I like the different shade on the knees, one of the shapes that give away one’s position when kneeling/sitting is the leg shape, that big blob of the same pattern bending in a completely unnatural position.

    I’d like to see a more sand/light brown variant 🙂


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