Introduction to Sniperworks FB

A quick introduction to the Sniperworks sniper community Facebook group.

Welcome to Sniperworks. We started in late 2017 as a group of snipers in the North of England who wanted to get together to help each other to become better snipers. That’s the driving goal behind the Facebook group too. I know there are a few sniper groups kicking around, but a few are quite restricted in the information that can be shared, and others tend to be fan clubs for certain guns, camouflages or businesses. I think it’s important for all of us to be able to see and analyse everything that is available out there, rather than be fenced in and take information from only one or two sources. Every sniper out there has something to contribute, or something to show, that will benefit another sniper and we want to create a community that allows and encourages that, across different regions and platforms.

The collective is far better than any individual may be.

As with any community, abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. There are plenty of other groups where drama and arguments take centre stage, Sniperworks is here purely for the game and the players who want to improve their impact on it. Everyone in here is equal.

And as a polite reminder, we were all new players full of questions once. Those more experienced are only that because someone kindly took the time to answer their questions and give advice. Please do not complain if you’ve seen a similar question before; nobody asked you to answer it. Bear in mind one day, you might have a question you need answered too.

On behalf of the Sniperworks team, thank you and welcome.

Link to the group (thanks Skara)


2 thoughts on “Introduction to Sniperworks FB

  1. Skara says:

    Great! Another sniper based group!

    I am getting tired of the Sniper Ops one, as lately it has turned into a “we’re above any rule because we’re the cool boys” kind of group, which, honestly, gets old really fast. Everyone gives the same old (sometimes REALLY wrong) answers and doesn’t even try to think outside the box.
    I get that some questions are redundant and some may not like such “spam”, but some answers are really mechanical and not thought at all! As you said, just scroll over. Unless you have something sensible to say.

    Also way too many fanboys of certain “celebs” who can’t really have a discussion without going into “5IQ tops” mode.

    End of rant.
    I have just one question, can you insert a link to the group? Because as of now I can only see a page under the name “sniperworks”.
    If by group you mean page, just pretend I never asked any question 😛

    P.s. Keep up the awesome work you’re doing!


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