Pimp my Pew

I wanted to draw some attention to a good cause this week. A couple of months ago, when things were looking very bleak and the world was facing a great unknown, the Sniperworks team were looking at a way to try and brighten the mood a little. Our in house tech guy Jordan had a suggestion…

Where most of the world now obsesses over likes, follows and taking, we started our project to try and go against that grain. To try and give without asking anything in return, and to try and restore some community spirit in the sport. Sticking to our principles, after a few beers and a late night of talks, we decided to do something out of the ordinary. Jordan was willing to give his time and expertise for free to help one needy player each month by giving their rifle a full tune up and get it working properly. So often we hear about horror tech jobs, rogue parts and players frustrated with things just not going right. It’s sad to see some players give up on their dreams of becoming a sniper purely because they can’t get a rifle to hit the target the way it should. The community relies on its players and there are always some who need help.

Pimp my Pew was born.

After asking the community, we got a really strong response with several companies and individuals offering to donate parts or money for parts to make it happen. Unfortunately Sniperworks doesn’t ask for an annual fee or make any profit off game days, nor would we want to, so the help offered is very gratefully received. It was great to see that there were some standout people out there who do care and particular thanks so far to http://www.skirmshop.nl, David Muir and Josh Kelly who have very generously got the ball rolling.

Although we obviously can’t afford to fit a load of expensive new parts, we’ve got more than enough to fine tune what is in there, add a few mods and smaller upgrades in and get all the problems ironed out.

It will be aimed at sniper rifles, because that’s our thing.

All we ask is that the winner is able to pay the postage and we’ll take care of the rest. Also note that this will become a MONTHLY competition, it’s not a one off Instagram prize in return for so many followers. We want to keep helping as many people as we can.

To enter, all we want is for people to nominate someone on the post in the Sniperworks Facebook group. Tell us who they are and what they do. And more importantly, what their gun is and what’s wrong with it. We’ll then pick a winner at random from the entries received (fairest way to do it). So far we’ve only had a couple of entries which is a shame considering the prize, so I’m asking people who are reading this to get involved any way you can. We need this shared around as much as possible, we need more nominations, and of course if anyone is willing to donate for this month or future projects we’d be extremely grateful for your support. If you’re sharing, remember to send people to the right place so we can collect entries. If it gets shared around groups we’re not in, we won’t see the nominations to put in the hat.


Thank you for any support you can give,

Stip and the whole Sniperworks team ❤️


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