Stip the Sniper… On YouTube?

No, this isn’t that announcement. A few days ago I got a question on the Ghillie Guide and it’s one I get asked really often, so rather than a short reply there, I thought I’d do a proper one here. So it’s partially a late reply for Mr Philip Robins, but also to address everyone else who asked.

At this moment in time, I have absolutely no plans to do a YouTube channel. And there are reasons. First and foremost, I think that Airsoft YouTube snipers are becoming too common, and largely driven by illusions of fame and fortune, trying to cash in on headshot videos with clickbaity titles (that’s largely, not all, there are a few I can sit and watch). It’s not the right motivation, for me personally, and I don’t want to be tagged as a YouTuber given the reputation of some. I don’t blog because I want millions of fans helping push ad revenue so I can make a quick buck – I have a day job for income and I don’t enjoy lavish lifestyles. I do the blog purely out of a love for airsoft sniping and I do it to help others, especially those new to it, if not then I hope it either generates ideas or conversations between more experienced snipers who may then see something and find a better solution to it, which if they choose to share, benefits us all. The endless cycle of editing doesn’t appeal either, I’d rather be spending time doing other things. Most of the blogs are written either in the bath, while travelling, or camping, or when I’m doing tech work or making a ghillie and I’ll take photos as I go.

In truth I did actually start this all off to help ONE guy (you know who you are) to get to grips with the role, and it’s great that it’s been beneficial to so many others too. I’m genuinely staggered by the number of visitors each month and that keeps pushing me to do more. If it only helps a couple of people, it was still worth doing. You never know how long you have on this earth and you can’t take money with you, so I’m more than happy sharing what I’m doing with other people.

I prefer the blog format for several reasons. It’s easy to read up at times when you can’t watch videos or have sound on, such as before going to sleep, being at church or watching a shit film with your partner. It can be read at the pace you want to read it, without having to rewind. And (I hope, I haven’t tested it), Google translate can help if English isn’t your first language. I can add photos to show things more precisely, and still pictures are easier to study than moving ones. I know YouTube is the dominant force out there but there are alternatives and perhaps when guns eventually get forced off Facebook we’ll find a better community platform to use. Having said that, I do enjoy doing the live stuff in Sniperworks and coming online to commentate on that, and always available via social media to answer questions because it certainly beats sitting listening to the Disney channel.

Would be interested to hear any thoughts or feedback,



One thought on “Stip the Sniper… On YouTube?

  1. T4nkcommander says:

    On the flip side, I started YouTube 10 years ago uploading video game sessions with my friends so we could enjoy looking back at them from time to time (and dreamed of recording airsoft games back then)

    I find recording stuff allows me to enjoy it many times over – not only rewatching it raw, but editing it into something enjoyable to myself, the people that helped make the memory, and the internet at large. And you really get to examine what you did right and wrong seeing the footage.
    I’ve got some videos that have tens of thousands of hits, because -just like your blog – they help people learn

    All that to say I’d really enjoy following you on YouTube, if you ever decided to hop on. I think you should give it a shot, even if you just end up uploading raw footage.


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