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Always got to have a section at the end for other bits that are worth adding to a rifle. Most players assume that performance relates to rifle internals only, and is measured by range and accuracy, however there are external components that also add to how well you can operate the rifle, or that can assist you in operating the rifle, which is a boost in itself.

The trick with running an effective rifle setup is to try and keep it lightweight and streamlined, not decked out with 20 vanity cameras and covered in wires and cables, battery packs etc. Nor does it need decorated with as many extra parts as possible to create a beautiful wall display in your bedroom. It’s not an exhibition piece, it’s a tool that helps you to be the best player you can be, so it should always be a choice of function over form. Do you need an extra kilogram of RIS rails? Is a PEQ laser going to be any use to you in daylight as much as it might look cool? Light is right, and there aren’t many extras worth bolting on, compared to an assault rifle, which may disappoint some.

A scope spirit level, such as this one I got from Skirmshop NL, is very handy to have to ensure the gun is level while shooting, to help eliminate left/right curve and improve accuracy. It’s a very little thing, that doesn’t get in the way of rifle operation. Flipped out to the side, the third picture is basically what my eye sees looking down the scope. I can see the target, the reticle, and the scope level. Sadly it seems to be have discontinued, and the closest I can find is this one which has the level slightly off to one side, so it’s visible.

Another handy little part, to help with easier magazine handling, is this pull tab from OTARShop (link to seperate article). It’s also an unobtrusive but useful little grip for VSR style rifles.

I don’t use rifle slings for sniper rifles ever. It’s never a good thing to be attached to your rifle when you might need it in a hurry, and when dragging it along while you crawl, will get snagged on everything. It’s a nuisance, and not really needed on lightweight guns. For similar reasons, I did a blog covering bipods here.

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