Review – Kydex VSR Mag Holder

Fast mag access for your bolt action. I’ve been sent out a VSR Mag Holder from Longbow to have a play with, and I’m now wondering why I’ve not used Kydex before. As a result then, this is from a first time user to the whole Kydex phenomenon as well as a product review.

Now, I’ve said many times that I’ve never lost a firefight due to a slow mag change. It just doesn’t happen, and it never will, because that’s not how airsoft is during games. You always reload from cover. Unless you’re an idiot.

What I have done though, is lost mags. VSR mags, pistol mags, assault rifle mags, mags that someone else popped in my dump pouch to hold onto until we got back to safezone…

The reasons vary, either I’ve not fastened a pouch back up properly after use, or the elastic mag pouches have loosened over time, or those stupid bungee straps that are always in the way have become tangled. Worse still, I’ve placed far too much faith in dump pouches, added three or four mags before running to the next objective, then realised when I’ve gone to refill my rig in the safe zone afterwards that there are too many empty mag pouches compared to before.

  1. It’s annoying during games.
  2. That shit gets expensive quickly.
  3. Finding reliable, compatible mags in stock is a pain in the arse.

Yeah, whipping a mag out can be done quickly by most players, but watch them struggle to get it back in. It’s worse for us all when wearing gloves, because everything has its difficulty level upped with gloves on.

Cue Kydex Customs. And for me, this little beauty of a VSR Mag Holder (I don’t think pouch is correct).

Kydex works using friction to hold the mag in place. The fit is so precise that although it’s easy to slot in, it stays put once it’s in. Apologies to Kydex and Longbow, but guys I did test by throwing it spinning up in the air, throwing it off sofas, and going for a run (walk, but run makes me sound more athletic) in the rain with it upside down on my belt. It doesn’t budge. However, a firm but not difficult pull and its back out no problem at all. Magic.
There’s a screw on the side to adjust if you need to, I didn’t and it worked fine with JG and CYMA mags. I don’t use Marui mags because of the elitist connotation associated with it, and CYMA do 55rd versions, but I’d imagine it’s much the same.
There’s a good solid clip on the back that fits through your molle, and I’ve also taken this to my place of work for a day on a normal belt, just to play with slotting the mag in and out all day behind my back, and it’s stable.
The mag inserts bb end first, which is key because it’ll keep your balls clean and prevent dirt being loaded into the hop. It’s one of the reasons I usually opt for closed top mag pouches in an old school flavour, but that could change…
Nothing mechanical, nothing to have to faff around with. You can keep your gloves on!
It’s layered in a fabric M81 outer cover, which is great because its not multicam, but for us snipers prevents any kind of plastic sheen, which is another thing that’s put me off plastic mag holders in the past. Yes, you can krylon it but it still retains that smooth shine. All about the details. Oh, and those holes on the front? They’re to stack them together if you so wish.

Overall, I’m impressed, and I try not to be with modern kit and equipment (yes, Mr Jason). I prefer tried and tested and do have an aversion to excess plastic on my kit but this is delightful. One of my next projects will be a “range rig” – increasingly my local plays cqb centred games that give me the opportunity to sit out and do some testing. I get quite a lot of kit to test out and never have enough hands for tools, mags, bottles of Longbow 0.48 etc without getting dressed up in full kit. The Kydex VSR Mag Holder, available here, definitely going to be part of that.

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