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Hope you’re either enjoying the blog, or finding it useful. I’ll keep writing and throwing up guides, articles, ideas, reviews and reports on the full spectrum of airsoft sniping and camouflage, and am always available to chat one-on-one if you need any more help or have any more questions.

I’ve never set out to profit from all this down the years, or chased likes, or pushed shabby clickbait onto people for ad revenue, but if you’d like to help support the running costs of the blog (hosting etc) it’d be greatly appreciated. Rather than pocket anything extra, I’d like to keep testing new equipment and developing new ideas and techniques – and I’m open to suggestions. The more knowledge and experience I can share, the better.

Please click the link below to donate to the cause. It’s not a lot, just a dollar/pound/euro or whatever depending on exchange rates each month, which isn’t much more than a newspaper to most people but it all helps fuel what I hope is a good body of knowledge for camouflage enthusiasts, new snipers and veteran airsofters looking for new ideas.


Stip 🙂

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