Fighting Winter – Cold/Wet Weather Clothing

As global warming continues, the UK is adjusting to more volatile weather patterns. Heavier rain (I lost my house a few years back to flooding), high winds and snow, and extreme summer heat make it not just a challenge for airsoft but anyone who enjoys the outdoors in general. I thought I’d do a review on a couple of my favourite winter outer layers in addition the the recent blog Warm Sniper, Dry Sniper.

Although the trend at the moment seems to be down-filled puffer jackets, and most high streets looking like an invasion of Michelin men, I prefer a 2- or 3-layer system that I can adjust to whatever the weather is doing. My British Army Norgie has been a godsend this winter even around the house, because heating is expensive, and that is usually the base, along with some thermals underneath.

Going outside, I have two good, solid outer layers which I’ll do separate reviews on. These are;

The battle, as the extreme weather conditions develop, is to stay warm, and dry. It’s definitely a better investment in yourself going forward than a sandwich toaster or air fryer – good clothing can save your life in a bad situation. And given the shit show since they shot Harambe, you never know what’s around the corner…

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