Le Covert Sartorialist – How to make a Gen 4 Ghillie

It’s rare that I watch much airsoft on YouTube these days. Unfortunately, it’s just a sea of gameplay vids at the moment and honestly, as a player myself, seeing bb’s hit people is about as interesting as watching paint dry. But every now and then something crops up that I add to my little library of valuable information.

I think for serious snipers, the world of camouflage is fascinating and any information on the topic is essential- camouflage is the most valuable weapon in our armoury. And I don’t mean watching someone just walk around for 30 seconds in their local woods to “test” a pattern. Understanding how and why different things work so you can learn and adapt it to your own environment is key. We’ve always tried on Live shows (myself and Point6) to go deeper into the science behind being seen and remaining unseen.

One of the best we did was a 2hr epic with master of camouflage, Le Covert Sartorialist, which contained a lot of invaluable information for those who sat and took notes through it. He’s extremely good at what he does, quite possibly the best in the business. I was delighted to hear recently that he was making a video series to explain his methods in full, which are light years ahead of airsoft leaf-suit fanatics. The first one dropped, and it’s a must for any airsoft sniper looking to elevate themselves. It’s only 40 mins or so, has less chat than the Live (although I’d recommend watching both), and gets straight into the good stuff. He’s definitely worth a follow on Facebook if you don’t already.

Anyway, nothing more I need to say on it, here’s the link.

Le Covert Sartorialist – How to make a Gen 4 Ghillie

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