Introducing Callsignwolfy

I do like airsoft blogs and bloggers. Most of them anyway. It can be a lot more insightful to read about the experiences of others, and this week I’d like to give a shout out to Callsignwolfy, who is just getting started on one.

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to start this Airsoft blog to share my experiences with all of you, it will also keep track of all the awesome things I do over the next few years.  Many of you may know me as PurpleDragonUK, a Twitch streamer. But there is a lot more to me than what you sometimes see on stream.

Well first of all I think I need a new name for my Airsoft. I really love roaming around with my Ears, whether it’s Cat, Fox or Wolf ears when I play. I wanted something to represent that and so CallSignWolfy was born you can also call me wolfy.

Now you may be asking why would I want to share my stories with you, well my battle stories might be a little different from what you are used to reading. As someone who has ADHD and Struggles with anxiety my game days can be quite different to a lot of others, and I’m hoping by sharing my stories that it might help other people like me give airsoft a shot

Link to blog :

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