Airsoft packing list

A few kit lists for your airsoft game days. I’ve done loads fo blogs about what kit I take, and why, and why I’ve chosen certain things over others that I’ve used. What I thought might be helpful would just be a straight up packing list that you guys might be able to print off, tick off, or if you’re just starting airsoft, to use as a guide on what you need and perhaps what you don’t.

Single Day Skirmish kit list

  • Bags – Well, you’ve got to have something to put it all in don’t you? Doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, but bigger bags help once you start collecting kit. I still stand by my 100l Kombat Assault Holdall. Plus a few extra bags of course, wouldn’t want to be packing too light.
  • Guns – Lots of guns. This will depend on the event and site as to what I’m taking or using. Pretty obvious place to start, but the gun choice dictates the rest of the kit. Includes primary, secondary, test rifles.
  • Magazines – I take 4 per gun. My M4 collection uses 120 rd mids, which is 480 total and more than enough. VSR uses 55rd cyma mags.
  • Bb’s and speedloader
  • Power for guns – Either two batteries for an AEG (morning/afternoon), or one can of green gas.
  • Tools for guns – I have a leather pencil case full of the basics (hex/allen keys, screwdrivers, pliers) just in case…
  • Cleaning rod
  • Tape – For mods and instant repairs.
  • Pocket knife – For the tape.
  • Tarp – Ok, not essential, but I tend to unload my kit and sometimes there’s no indoor space. I have a heavyweight Kombat DPM tarp, which can be thrown over all my kit to keep it dry in case it rains. Dry kit is much better than wet kit.
  • Eye pro x2
  • Face pro
  • Gloves x2 – dry pair is a godsend on a wet day.
  • A hat – Beanies are the best choice, but for cools I usually run my trusty green Czech bandana. A boonie is great for sun/rain, but a problem in the wind.
  • Radio – At least the radio, ideally a headset or something as well.
  • Rig – Dependant on gun choices. I collect rigs, but try to select only one for game day because they’re bulky af to get into bags.
  • Boots
  • BDU’s – Whatever the occasion requires, relevant to the weather and team rules.
  • Ghillie – Optional, depending on what role you’re doing that day. As a rule, I try to either go sniper for a day or do CQB, not both because it’s just too much kit.
  • Baselayers – Always. Either for warmth using fleece lined baselayers, or moisture wicking sports baselayers just to keep dry and fresh.
  • Deodorant – For when the baselayers aren’t enough.
  • Spare clothes – For travelling home in.
  • Patches – for that morale boost, and flashing your allegiances.
  • Wallet, keys, phone – Not on me during games, but so I can buy food, get back in the house, and take pics.

Multi Day Events kit list

To break down the multi-day setup, the idea is basically to run your skirmish kit, but for longer, and will involve camping overnight. I think one of the misconceptions around milsims and the like is that suddenly you need to expand on your basic loadout; you don’t.

  • Towel – Microfibre variety. First thing in the bag, trust me.
  • Maps/Admin – If it’s a multi day, “big” event chances are that you’re going to be doing something more advanced than just capture the flag in an indoor plywood warehouse. Take a pencil. I also rely heavily on a good arm pouch.
  • Tent or shelter – A lot of events might have the facility to camp in a building. Check beforehand, and ask the question, as it saves setting up/putting away/carrying.
  • Sleeping bag – Rated for the expected temperature.
  • Sleeping mat – To insulate off the ground which is vital.
  • Food – Onsite shops usually aren’t available. Having said that, I must admit to ordering pizza in more often than not and surviving off that until site facilities become available. If not, then it’s hardcore mode on and you’ll need to pack something. Bear in mind it’s only usually one night and you’re not Gordon Ramsay. Don’t go overboard.
  • Stove – Hot food is a big morale boost, as is a bit of heat off a stove. Useful also for making a hot water bottle (see Warm Sniper, Dry Sniper). There are a lot of stoves on the market, bear in mind it’s just for individual use so doesn’t need to be bulky/fancy.
  • Metal Water Bottle – For said hot water bottle. Also to carry water.
  • A Lighter – No, I’m not going to fuck around with wet matches, flint and steel, or sit trying to rub sticks together. Just a lighter.
  • More clothes – Especially socks and baselayers.
  • Warm layers for when the action stops on an evening.
  • Torch x2
  • Dry bags – To organise wet kit.
  • Extra batteries for everything that needs batteries. Don’t think “oh I’ll just take a charger” because even in the best of places, power sockets are limited and you’ll quickly find people’s phones become more important. Keep them in plastic food bags to keep them dry.
  • Hair gel – Not essential for everyone.
  • Wash kit – Get a wash bag. Hygiene is important.

It’s not always having to sleep outside in the rain under a sheet. But there will always be kit thrown everywhere. Airsofters aren’t tidy or organised.

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