The Grassland Project

I’ve got a week off to play with camouflage and I need to seriously overhaul the kit which I set up last year for events in the south of the UK, which was nice easy woodland terrain. The North is a bleak environment of dead grasses and bushes, save for a couple of verdant months in summer which provide plenty of leaf cover. I have a good viper hood from last summer for that though, this project is for the rest of the year.

I need a setup that will allow me to hide in places where there is no cover.


Here’s me in my woodland suit. Although leaf suits are becoming increasingly popular, in the wrong environment like this outline the sniper like a shadow. So the first consideration is going to be to lighten the overall colour. Lots of natural coloured raffia and tan spray paint should help. Also with the lack of dense foliage to hide behind, I’m going to use organza ribbon to try and add depth. With grass environments, there isn’t a lot of variation and not a lot of suitable materials to use.

One of the things I want to do, which I like about the viper style hoods, is to wrap the rifle and webbing in a net, to allow the raffia and other materials to be tied on easily but also gives attachment points for natural vegetation too.


First up will be a rifle wrap to break up the long, straight, recognisable shape of the barrel. This will give me a chance to test out different materials and see how it goes together.


A desert suit may work better here

The second step will be to apply that to the webbing and a dpm respirator pouch that serves as my day sack for food and ammo. I’ll also be adding to my backpack and trying to use that to disguise my head and shoulders outline. Lastly, I’ll start on the jacket and pants of the leaf suit. The bulk of the camouflage tends to be on the arms and head. I’ll be documenting it as I go, on here with photos and a few instagram live videos, with a conveniently timed milsim at the end of the week for testing.


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