Review – VSR-10 Magpull

Sometimes the smallest bits of kit are the most valuable. I’ve got the slick, low profile load bearing carrying the kit I need to keep me going in the field. My camo keeps me hidden away. I’ve got a good rifle propped up on a bipod, crystal clear scope observing targets unaware they’re being watched. But I’m out of ammo. Then the ever so familiar calamity of changing the mag. You push the release but it doesn’t drop, gloves too thick to wedge into the ridiculously slim grooves to pull it out and pretty soon it’s gloves off and a lot of swearing under that mask as you generate a load of unnecessary movement trying to drop that mag and get back onto target.

I’ve seen a few solutions to this problem. Most commonly on various forums is a method where a hole is drilled and cord passed through into a loop. I’ve never bothered because to me a loop can snag while crawling, and it could rip the mag out and damage the catch.

During conversation with Peter Csaki from the Sniper Ops group, I was introduced to his parts website, Peter makes a range of useful 3D printed parts and accessories and while browsing for cool new externals, something caught my eye…


Doesn’t look like much but it’s out-fucking-standing. The lighting isn’t great but bear with me and it’ll be clearer on the next photos.


A spot of glue on the mag will hold it in place. I used some Bostik all purpose because that’s what was in my kitchen drawer.


And that’s it on. You can see it lines up with the circular notch and has two prongs to pull down on. It doesn’t stick out too much and still allows the mag to fit in a pistol mag pouch. The mag has 55 on it because it’s a 55rd mag. I like to think sometimes I’m organised.


The rough finish from the printing helps in this case to give more grip.


Brilliant. Although we’re forever chasing longer, more accurate shots with our rifles, this is a cracking little accessory that solves a problem we all have, making for more efficient play. And only £4 for 5.


Thanks to Peter for sending me some to try out. Here’s the link –

Get some.


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