So, you want to give it a go?

Just a quick article today guys. Particularly for readers in the North of England but also anyone who wants to travel…

How does a full sniper weekend developing your skills at a 300 acre woodland site hunting other snipers sound? Learning how to use the environment better? Getting help with your camouflage? Camping overnight before taking what you have learned and letting loose on unsuspecting skirmish players?

Skirmishes are great fun. Milsim events are a challenge. Sniper vs Sniper events however are where you really develop as a player. Being alone in the woods whilst being hunted by players you can barely see, with limited kit is a fantastic experience for anyone who wants to push themselves and improve.

At the moment, we need to confirm players before finalising plans but the first event is expected to be held in February 2019, at a cost of only £30pp for the full weekend, at Raw War near Carlisle, England. If you would like to attend, drop me a message on instagram (@stipwarne) or Facebook (Stip Warne).

Players will be limited to bolt action sniper rifles only (500fps), and will need suitable camping equipment for a potentially cold winter evening. Food and drink are not provided, players will have to be self sufficient for the weekend. This isn’t a competition though, it’s about helping fellow players so we won’t just throw you out unprepared. Any questions, do ask.

Updates will follow in the coming weeks.


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