Tuesday Thinkings #9

I am keeping busy – a lot of things in the go at once so nothing is getting finished. My wife asked me if I had been doing “airsoft stuff” today (she’s not exactly supportive), and I said yes. She replied “you shouldn’t have any more airsoft to do!”.

Like that’s ever going to happen. The game constantly evolves, and we need to keep evolving with it. New kit comes out weekly. Improvements are made. Someone will discover a better way of doing something and we’ll all copy it. At the heart of it, for us snipers, should be the thought “what can I improve on?”

It’s a question best asked straight after game day. A good player should always be evaluating their own performance. Look at what you did wrong and figure out how to do it better. Sometimes it’s tactics, sometimes it’s kit that just isn’t quite right. I have a notebook at my pc desk, and once I’m home and had the obligatory hot bath and beer, I write things down so that I don’t forget. This is fuel for my days off; I don’t get up to much and hate wasting away in front of the TV. It’s nice to keep busy and hopefully get something out of it at the end of the day.


First up, the VSR needed a good clean and some maintenance. The Modify X range bucking I was testing hadn’t fitted correctly and a couple of misfeeds left a lot of smashed bb everywhere…


I’m switching back to a Maple Leaf autobot 60° for now. A lot of the ptfe tape needed replaced and the whole thing needed cleaned and regreased. One of the more highly rated upgrades for the VSR is the Action Army hop up unit, but I’m going to be swapping it out for a stock one again to test out a really good hop arm, because adjusting the hop from inside the mag well with an allen key is a pain. The Action Army unit will be going in a sub-350fps rifle build I’ll be doing soon, which will be useful as a backup rifle and one I can use in sites where the minimum engagement distance is more than 20m, sites that are smaller and densely wooded, or for summer when sight lines are reduced.

I’m going to try and use one day off for rifle stuff, and one for camo and loadout related stuff, unless one day off happens to be a Sunday in which case I’ll be playing 🙂

So, next on the list is to continue with the base of my Haloscreen suit. Last week I made a big vat of dye and ink (suit contains polyester so its not taking brilliantly) but I think I’ve finally got it dulled down enough to start working on some cotton leaves.


Desert DPM Smock and windproof trousers. Leaf suits are just too uniform (rows of equally sized and shaped leaves) and too flimsy for airsoft. This year’s project is to create something better suited to gameplay, that hopefully is better camouflage too. 

Lots to do. Rifle, new suit, new rig, new rifle, mk23 to fix, blogging, and Sniperworks, which is growing nicely. Click the logo to connect to the group.


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