Introducing Sniperworks Live

Hosted by Point6, Sniperworks Live is our new weekly show over on the Sniperworks Facebook group, which we’re hoping to run every weekend for at least the duration of the current Covid19 crisis, and beyond.


Featuring myself and Jordan Tedham as co-hosts, the show will be looking at everything from crafting tips to rifle tech, giving you some projects to do if you’re stuck at home and answers to any questions you have about the art of sniping or those niggly rifle issues that need fixed. If you’re a manufacturer or retailer and you’d like to come on and talk about any new products, feel free to get in touch and we’ll try and get you on.

I think for most of us locked in the house, it’s getting a bit boring and it’s nice to have some interaction with airsoft and the community where we can just to keep us all ticking over until they let us outside again to play (it will happen, never give up hope!)

Understandably, it’s a tough time for us all financially too but Sniperworks is all about enjoying the role without all the excessive cost some channels keep pushing. Too often we see people on Facebook “advising” players to avoid the sniper role unless they’re able to drop £800 on a rifle and the same again on camouflage. We’ll show you how to do it for less and discuss how to be more effective in the field, with tips on making your own camouflage, and DIY rifle mods to help get those shots on target. All shows will stay on the group afterwards so you can catch up when you’re free (although you won’t be able to put questions to us).

If you’re not already in the Sniperworks group, find us here :

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