Pimp My Rifle

So, we’re still in the lockdown stage of Covid19 and at Sniperworks we’ve started doing live shows on weekends, hosted by Point6 and featuring myself and Jordan Tedham (Sniperworks rifle tech). This weekend, 5/4/20, we announced the start of the Pimp My Rifle project. I thought I’d take the opportunity to go into a bit more detail because conversation drifted a little in last night’s Live…

The idea was first floated a couple of months ago. Tired of airsoft “celebs” who care only to line their own pockets, and the trolls who fill our news feeds with their incessant whining, we decided to stick two fingers up to the minority and bring back some community spirit. What we all love about Airsoft is that we can go and hang out with some like minded people for a day and have some fun; an escape from work and whatever else is getting us down. Other players shouldn’t be your enemy, they should be your mates. What we needed was a way to give back to the community and Jordan very kindly offered to fix a players rifle each month FREE OF CHARGE. Immediately after floating the idea, we had people and businesses offering donations and spare parts to help us make this a reality and we really do appreciate your help. We’d really like to keep this going for as long as we can, and will continue to rely on the good will of the community which is too often drowned out by a few mouthy individuals seeking attention.


Jordan is one of the very few people who look at my guns. Usually straight after I have… 

We want to find a worthy winner each month who is maybe having an absolute nightmare with their gun, or is a bit down, or otherwise deserving of some help. We’d really appreciate any spare parts people have that they’re not using, or businesses that can maybe help us out – we’ll certainly be highlighting your work. Jordan can get a £50 gun out shooting any milsimmers mosfet-ed wet dream so we know these are getting put together someone who knows what they’re doing.

There will be more details up in the Sniperworks group soon once we get things finalised, and we’ll keep you updated on Sniperworks Live shows too. If you can help, please send me a message on Facebook/Instagram or contact me through the blog.

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