LIVE with Point6 and Le Covert Sartorialist

Just a quick one to say that I’ll be joining Point6 and Le Covert Sartorialist on a Facebook live this weekend!

We’ll be discussing Haloscreen, some interesting new materials (nanoscreen) and techniques, 2D camouflage bases, and answering questions.

The last show we did with Le Covert Sartorialist on the Sniperworks Live was a fantastic learning experience. Where most airsoft snipers are content with gluing leaves to leaf suits, Le Covert pushes more towards understanding camouflage and going beyond, explaining how colours and light interact with the environment, how to actually break up shapes and outlines, and blend in much better. If you’re keen to step up your ghillie game, it’s essential viewing. If you miss it, I’ll look at getting it onto YouTube afterwards, otherwise it’ll be up on Point6’s Facebook page at

See you there!

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