Introducing on YouTube…

I know I’ve said for years that I wouldn’t do a YouTube channel. But now I have, and it’s not because I want that “Youtuber” tag.

Recently, I’ve been busy chatting to Point6 about doing a series of podcast type Live shows on Facebook, just to chat about all things sniper related. We’ve got quite a few topics that we’d like to cover, and plenty of people to get involved where we feel they’ve got the expertise or knowledge that would benefit the podcast. Far from sitting watching bb’s ping off players, with cheesy overlays or misleading clickbait titles in a desperate bid to boost subscribers, we hope that we can actually bring players useful information that will help benefit THEIR game, not line the pockets of some dollar-grabbing personality vacuum. Facebook is a very good platform for recording the initial show, but I do wonder about how easy to access it is and obviously YouTube is more accessible platform across any device, so I’m going to upload them to my channel too.

Podcast perhaps isn’t the best description, because for any show around sniping it’s helpful to show pictures too, which is why we haven’t done an audio-only, although it is probably more in line with podcasts in that we’re sitting chatting rather than doing a staged, studio type video.

The first show, following up from an epic Live show in Sniperworks last year, features Le Covert Sartorialist, who agreed to come on and talk about some new Haloscreen elements, his new camouflage pattern, and talk about how camo works. It’s obviously a big subject to talk about and I’m sure we’ll have him on for a few more shows soon to look at other aspects of camouflage too. There’s plenty to look at surrounding weapons, loadouts, gadgets, tips and tricks and if you’d like to come on and ask any questions, keep an eye on either my instagram or Point6’s, and we’ll let you know when the next show is and where to catch it live.

I hope it proves useful to people, answers some questions or generates some ideas. Here’s the link to the channel.

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