Introducing GSG Airsoft

A new section to the stipsniper blog – Another blog!

GhillieSniperGirl (GSG) is a very good friend who has started her own sniper blog to document her travels across the UK and her development as an airsoft sniper as she pushes herself to be the absolute best she can be. Backed up by Longbowbb, Sprinter Custom Ghillie, Callsign Hawk Clothing and of course, StipSniper, she’s definitely on the up.

A sniper of 4 years experience, I’ve watched GSG really develop her game and her kit and in the last few months we’ve been travelling and playing together so I’ve been able to see first-hand how effective she’s becoming in the field.

Off the field, she’s a charming, engaging young lady who is more than happy supporting good causes, offering advice to other players, and co-founded UK Airsoft Ladies to help female players across the UK. The attitude is refreshingly positive, and it’s been great to see up close during game days (and nights). Accompanied by her dog Brocko, if you do see her anywhere, do go and say hi!

Because I think she’s doing a lot of good, I’ve decided to link up with her blog to share posts and ideas, so going forward you’ll be seeing a lot more from stipsniper and GSG working together. GSG Airsoft is quite a bit different to mine in that it focuses more on the game day experience whereas I do a lot more of the off-the-field stuff, but between the two of us you should find plenty of good info and reading.

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