The UK Airsoft Site Map –

So, covid restrictions have ended and after so long being stuck in the house, it’s no surprise that players are desperate to get out and see the world more. It’s leading to a lot more travelling to airsoft sites, myself included. I’ve got a great little travelling party and we’ve had some great weekends away exploring new sites, camping out and enjoying the freedom. Personally, as much as I love my local, you can’t play the same field forever.

Actually finding sites isn’t that easy. For the deluge of airsoft social media there’s not really a lot to go on for planning away trips, especially when you want to compare two sites, and the info you really need is scattered (if it exists).

Step forth sniper partner Ghillie Sniper Girl, who has taken the time and put the effort in to create the ultimate away trip resource – the UK Airsoft Sites Map. Unlike Google maps, which just throws a load of pins at you, GSG has compiled all the important data that goes with it such as prices, facilities, and whether or not you can take your dog along.

This is the sort of info that makes planning trips a lot easier, especially being able to compare sites as well. For any site owners, it’s definitely something you want to be involved in.

Personally speaking, these trips out have been a great opportunity to get out and meet people I’ve spoken to on social media, see new sites, learn new things from their players and test myself in new situations.

Anyway, without droning on too much, here’s the link to the map;

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