Review – Lonestar Tactical Sierra Mask

Face pro is vital in airsoft and I’ve never taken to any field without. In the early days, masks were huge or cumbersome things that looked and felt awful, but were treated as a necessary evil.

Thankfully, they’re now not and this year I’ve been running something far more comfortable and practical. As with all my reviews, kit actually gets used first before I recommend anything, and if I don’t recommend it, it doesn’t get a review.

Now, the eagle eyed may have noticed my name on the Lonestar Tactical page as a brand ambassador, however that doesn’t influence the review, and it was a full price purchase. Which I’d happily do again. The model here is the Sierra which I’ll link at the bottom of the article, and no I’m not on any sort of commission scheme.

Where most masks still retain a lot of padding, the Lonestar range is a thin mesh snood with the metal mesh insert for the mouth, and in the Sierra’s case, the nose as well. The bits that hurt in cqb. It also has enough material hanging down to cover your neck, which saves questions about all the marks on your neck the next day at work, but from a snipers perspective keeps skin covered and adds to your concealment.

This is the Hi-bred Multicam colourway which I picked up for it’s dull brown colours to complement my sniper loadouts. The mesh fabric is perfect for attaching 3D camouflage elements to.

Rather than attaching with straps like the old OneTigris types, where you had to fuck around with four seperate buckles to get it to fit straight, the Lonestar range just use a single toggle at the back, which is easily done without taking your gloves off.

Brilliant. Nothing complicated, just well thought out and put together. I’ve been using it outside sniping though and it’s great for skirmish days where you have lots of shorter games, because it’s easily pulled down when you don’t need it and you’re having a breather inbetween games, or cracking open another can of Rockstar, and that’s what I like most about it. Even in games you have moments away from any action where you don’t need to worry about taking everything off and putting it back on again.

It’s hard to see how the design can be improved on to be honest, bar colourways but Lonestar have a big range already and are constantly adding to it. Top bit of kit, would recommend to anyone who plays airsoft – it’ll replace whatever you currently use.

Link to get one – Lonestar Tactical Sierra Mask

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