Distinctive Camo Designs

New camouflage is always interesting, and certainly should be to the sniper looking for better concealment or for new suits in new environments or seasons. While some airsoft companies are mass producing stuff in sheets of fabric from AliExpress, or recolouring old Vietnam patterns, there are thankfully some camouflage companies that are capable of new ideas that are far more effective. This week, I’ve been looking at Distinctive Camo Designs. Based out of Austria, DCD have got some superb new patterns to look at and some of them are pretty damn good, so I thought I’d share some of my favourites and show what they’re up to.

This Splinter Woodland camo is a bit like the Swedish M90 but with a more broken and disruptive pattern. There are a few variations and colours depending on the environment you’re in. M90 is already an excellent summer pattern, though rarely seen on the airsoft field probably due to its cost.

Although I’d rarely have any chance to use it, this Winter DPM is brilliant, with the white brushstroke pattern overlaid onto a brown base.

Autumn Brushpat. Because dead woodland is where it’s at. My favourite environment and a very difficult to process pattern with some great colours.

A custom pattern for camo_airsoft_supplies. It has a superb mix of colours that would adapt to multiple terrains. Micro and macro done very well, this would work at a lot of different ranges.

A comparison between Multicam, which we all know and love and would easily detect on an airsoft field, with BrushPat Multi Terrain. Same colour palette, which is admittedly good, but a more natural pattern on it. The advantage though with less common patterns (and why you should use them) is that the airsofters eye will not pick it out as easily.

And lastly, this is TrigonCamo. A great rifle wrap with some very good breakup on the rifle outline. It’s one of the more distinctive patterns in the collection, built from triangles into larger macro shapes.

If these patterns get picked up by manufacturers, which they should, then I’d definitely be looking into one or two. There are a lot of good patterns, and available in a lot of colourways too. Another problem with something like Multicam, that comes in only 5, and the black one tbf is pretty useless.

I’ll put a link to the Distinctive Camo Designs website here – it’s well worth investigating.

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